• CRM

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    is a corporate strategy that places the customer at the center. 
    The goal is to manage the best possible relations with existing and future customers. CRM therefore connects business processes, people and technology together to achieve a single goal: to win customers and retain satisfied.

    It is a holistic strategy that will help you learn about your customers and their behavior, so you can build stronger and long-term customer relationships that are for you and your customers benefit.
    It is very difficult to run a successful business without having to point while a main focus on CRM. Finally, it's all about the customer.
    Successful CRM includes many different areas of your company, where the distribution is of course the starting point.
    There are also lots of other departments involved with customer contact, such as marketing and customer service.


    CRM Solutions

    CRM solutions help you ensure that work sales, marketing and support all for a common goal, so you can bring your company's success to a whole new level.

    With the streamlining of Different Solutions CRM solutions and automate business processes to enable all employees in your company a complete view of customers, provide better analysis and insights on important sales and customer data and keep all of this to focus on attracting new customer focus, while the existing customer base is served to the fullest satisfaction.

  • Open Source

    Open source 

    is a range of licenses for software, whose source code is publicly available and the license encourages further developments.
    Open Source Software is having an organization recognized by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) license. This organization will base its assessment on the criteria of the Open Source Definition, which goes far beyond the availability of the source code. It is almost identical to the definition of Free Software.



    Influences of the 1997 published essay The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond, Netscape decided in 1998, given the growing dominance of Microsoft in the browser market, the source code of Netscape Navigator is no longer commercially exploitable release (out this release was built later Mozilla project).
    Were created for the economy adapted open-source licenses, which continues to the needs of the open-source environment enough, but also for the economy should be interesting. One of the most popular licenses, which emerged from these efforts, the Mozilla Public License.